Arizona Region:

PO Box 1351
Phoenix, AZ 85001

For Arizona Regional Hospitals & Institutions contact:

For Arizona Regional Public Relations contact:

For Area, Regional Chairs/Executive team, BOD and ARCNA contacts, go to the contacts menu.

Arizona Regional Committee Members

East Valley Area RCM1 Diana M.
East Valley Area RCM2 Jackie J.

Navapache Area RCM1 Penny B.
Navapache Area RCM2 Rick B.

Phoenix Area RCM1 Open
Phoenix Area RCM2 Corey P.

South Central Area RCM1 Jeff D.
South Central Area RCM2 Open

South East Area RCM1 Open
South East Area RCM2 Mike G

South West Area RCM1 Fidel C.
South West Area RCM2 Open

Verde Valley Area RCM1 Rich C.
Verde Valley Area RCM2 Rick L.

West Valley Area RCM1 Debi W.
West Valley Area RCM2 Don C.

Yavapai Area RCM1 Vickie N.
Yavapai Area RCM2 open

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