Donations (NA members)

Tradition Seven

“Every N.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”
Our policy is clearly stated: “We decline outside contributions. Our fellowship is completely self-supporting. We accept no funding, endowments, loans and or gifts. Everything has it’s price regardless of intent. Whether the price is money, promises, concessions, special recognition, endorsements or favors. It is too high for us. Even if those who would help us could guarantee no strings, we still would not accept their aid. (Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text page 68) It is in this respect that we ask non-members not to donate.”

How your 7th Tradition Starts and Finally get to the World Service Office,
(and then what happens?)

It varies from meeting to meeting, but at some point, during most meetings, a basket goes around and something called a 7th tradition gets collected. Our 7th tradition states thatevery group must be fully self supporting, declining outside contribution.”That means what you see going into the basket is what pays to keep the meeting open. It’s used to pay rent on the meeting facility, and for basic supplies. Depending on the size and needs of your home group, the costs vary. But not only does it keep the meeting running, it supports the greater good of Narcotics Anonymous as well….

Typically when the month is over, and the group’s needs have been addressed, the excess is sent to the service structure through a trusted servant known as the GSR (Group Service Representative). The money is split between the Area Service Committee, Regional Service Committee and World Services to be used as seen fit by the elected trusted servants of that service body.

“As seen fit” is basically furthering our primary purpose, which is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers. Our localASC (Area Service Committee) does this through a variety of subcommittees including Activities, Public Information, and Hospitals and Institutions. After the needs of the area are covered, the excess is sent to the Region through a RCM (Regional Committee Member), where the process is continued on still a wider scale, and then once more excess will be sent through a RD(Regional Delegate) to the Narcotics Anonymous World Services.

And that is how far your 7th tradition goes. To learn more on how exactly your donations are being managed please check out the Area or Regional Service Meetings that are listed on the calendar.


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